Weekly Summary #13

Last week, we were visited by Said Hussein Iid, Minister of Agriculture of Somalia.

Mr. Said Hussein Iid had a presentation about;

  • What is robotics?
  • Why all engineering departments requires to work in a collaborative way.
  • How a solar car works?
  • Ra25 and Ra27 manufacturing processes and the faced problems while manufacturing and testing the solar cars?
  • What is a solar race?
  • How is the race execution and the strategies changing during the race?
  • What is 3d printing and the working procedures?
  • How engineers and doctors can work together?
  • How big is the language barrier?
  • Design and manufacturing of customizable surgical instruments.
  • Importance of 3d printing in the field of medicine

RoboCup Competition

We were defeated 1-0 by Brazil’s “RobôCIn” in the quarter-final match of the RoboCup 2019 held in Sydney, Australia.

We started the match with harsh attacks against our rival, however, were unable to brake the defence and score a goal in the first half of the match. In the second half of the match, we challenged our opponent with a more aggressive tactic. However, we scored a goal to our own goal post accidentally just 30 seconds before the end of the match, as a result of the opponent’s corner kick which hit to our defender and went to the goal post of ours. Continuing the full-field press for the rest of the match, however, we lost the match 1-0 and left the tournament.

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