Weekly Summary #12

Last week, we were visited by our guests from abroad and little students from “Özay Günsel Children’s University”.

The visitors and little students had a presentation about;

  • What is robotics?
  • Why all engineering departments requires to work in a collaborative way.
  • How a solar car works?
  • Ra25 and Ra27 manufacturing processes and the faced problems while manufacturing and testing the solar cars?
  • What is a solar race?
  • How is the race execution and the strategies changing during the race?
  • What is 3d printing and the working procedures?
  • How engineers and doctors can work together?
  • How big is the language barrier?
  • Design and manufacturing of customizable surgical instruments.
  • Importance of 3d printing in the field of medicine

43rd TRNC International Fair

We received an award at the opening ceremony of the 43. TRNC International Fair for our studies in the field of innovation and technology.

The Near East University Robotics Laboratory deemed worthy of award for its achievements such as the RoboCup 2018 Championship, 3D printers, patents, innovative solar powered cars.

2 days Left to Leave the Island for RoboCup

We worked really hard this year. We set out for Australia in two days to become the champion and to wave the flag of North Cyprus again.

Stay on track.

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