Requirements of the Robocup Competition

As a robotics laboratory our biggest motivation is the Robocup competition. And this time, Robocup competition is going to be in Australia, Sydney on July. We are going to start our training sessions next week and really excited for the Robocup competition. Last year we were the champions of the competition so this time were are coming to keep the championship tag at NeuIslanders Robotics Team.

Committee requires two things for the competition. One is a team description paper which is an article that shows what we did this year to improve our robots and the other is qualification video of the robots to show that we did what we wrote in the article. This week as a team we prepared both and send them to the committee. The video had to contain movements of the robots, attacking and defending positions.

Here you can watch our qualification video for the Robocup Competition:

This year we made lots of progress with the help of our teammates. We updated the algorithm of the robots to make them work better. Like every other team we want to prove that our robots are the best of this Robocup Competition,
hopefully everything will be okay and we will be accepted to competition and compete with other teams and show everyone that we can develop and become better every year.

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