Pass and Shoot

Since RoboCup 2017 Nagoya, Japan is getting closer and closer we started to train almost every day now. Last week we focused on our dribblers and optimized them to a little bit better condition, so this week we focused on passing.

During all our tournaments and trainings, we were always complaining about our pass accuracy. On the last weeks of last year, we worked hard on to pass statically into a 40mm diameter point. Of course, the static testing helped us a lot to improve our robots to pass, but the game is not static in the Robocup.

Also with the dribbler working in high performance there is more back spin force on the ball so that we have to increase the force that we are applying to the ball by the both normal and chip kicker. Now, the question is “in which speed and direction we need to kick the ball and move the receiving robot so that they will intersect at the same point somewhere on the field which is possible to score a goal.” Last week we make some affords to solve this problem and we achieve some minor goals. Since we while we were testing these we didn’t have the defense on to protect the opponent goal. This week’s work is to pass and shoot against and active defense and a goal keeper.

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