Dribbler Optimization

NEUIslanders team has been working on optimization of all the mechanisms for a while. During the RoboCup 2016 Leipzig, Germany we observe that especially in our kicking and dribbling mechanisms need a lot to improve.

With a couple of months work we solved the kicking force issue. Now it is time to solve the dribbling mechanism problem. The angle of the dribbling mechanism, dribbler material, and dribbling speed are the variables on this problem.

Through the years in RoboCup we tried too many different materials on our dribblers; soft, hard, rough. Unfortunately, we still couldn’t find the perfect material. As researchers working in the laboratory we are still working on this issue.

Last week we started to drive the dribbling motor around 14000rpm with our 2:1 gear ratio it makes 28000rpm in the dribbler. We observe at this level the dribbler is working very nicely and the ball does not bounce back, but the problem is if we dribble the ball stationary for 10seconds the golf ball starts to burn the carpet.

Also, we make some more experiments with hard plastic and soft sponge covered dribbler. When the hard plastic is on we need more rpm on the dribbler to control the ball, when we put the soft sponge on the dribbler we observe the dribbler is trying to take the ball under the robot also with high rpm the sponge starts to change its shape.

We will keep on working on the dribbling mechanism for a while more to find the optimized solution.

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