6th RoboCup in a Row

NEUIslanders team is founded in 2011. Even though the team worked very hard that year we couldn’t qualify for the RoboCup at that year, which was held in Istanbul.

We felt the joy of RoboCup in 2012 Mexico City for the first time. That year NEU Robotics Lab was a 4 people small group of students. Since then many things have changed.

Today we learnt that we are qualified for the RoboCup 6th time. The team has make a lot of efforts to improve the NEUIslanders team. Now every single of our robots can kick the ball with exactly same force which results more accurate kicks. Also our chip kick is implemented on the robots and added to our Artificial Intelligence. Mechanically the robots are now more free to move because of our new ceramic ball bearings. And most importantly we start adding fuzzy logic to our robots.

So new mechanisms, improved movement, and cleverer robots. NEUIslanders team is ready for the RoboCup 2017 Nagoya, Japan.

The amateur sprit from 2012 Mexico City still lives in us and we are ready to take place in our 6th RoboCup in a row in Nagoya, Japan.

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